ItsGameday lets you easily Register, Host, & Manage Softball Friendlies

ItsGameday is a softball friendly event platform. We aim to take the hassle out of Hosting and Registering for Softball Friendlies.

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ItsGameday Softball Friendlies

Softball Friendly Events... the Easy Way

We make registration and hosting easy with our seamless "friendly event" platform that is designed to take the guesswork out of your next softball friendly event.

Register to Play

Your team needs real game reps and experience to prepare for the next big tournament. Prepare for that tournament by registering your team to play in a friendly. ItsGameday makes it fast and easy.

Quick registration

Get your team playing in the next friendly quickly. One click and you are registered... it's that easy.

Keep your team informed

Seamlessly post friendly details and games schedules on your team GroupMe or social accounts.

Get notified

Get a text or email when your favorite friendly host publishes a new friendly event.

Hosting and Scheduling

We have the tools and technology to plan and host your next softball friendly event. Manage your friendly and game schedule, all in one easy to use platform.

Schedule a friendly event

Effortlessly schedule, promote, and host friendly events on the ItsGameday platform. Friendly event page example.

Generate and fine-tune the game schedule

Automatically generate a full round-robin game schedule in seconds. Fine-tune it by adding or removing games. Or drag and drop a game into a different time slot. Published game schedule example.
ItsGameday create game schedule

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

ItsGameday has all the features you need to host your friendly events, and register your team to play in friendlies.

Host Friendlies

Create friendly events in minutes. Manage team registrations and game schedules.

Team Registration

Register to play in a friendly with just one click, it can't get any easier.


Stay informed. Get notified by SMS or email when a new friendly is posted, updated, canceled and more.

Friendly Ad Creation

Automatically create a beautiful ad for your friendly event and share it on all your socials.

Game Schedules

Generate a round robin game schedule automatically in just a few minutes.


Know when teams you follow host a friendly or register to play in a friendly.

GroupMe Integration

Connect to GroupMe and post your game schedule or friendly ad to your GroupMe groups.

Invite Teams

Teams that follow you automatically get invited to register for your friendly event.

Ready to dive in? Start using ItsGameday today.